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Your Empath Destiny is dedicated to helping those on a journey of discovering, learning, controlling, and understanding their empath gift by providing resources; helping with finding or creating a local support group; encouraging members to share their experiences; and inspiring empaths to develop their own abilities.

This video on Facebook shows what it’s like to be an empath
An empath experiences this on a daily basis, no “service glasses” needed. We know things. We know things exactly like what is shown in this video.Just like the gentleman in this video, we simply cannot help everyone. However, we CAN make a difference in our own circle. One person a time. If each empath does this, the circles we each help will grow and connect to other empaths’ circles.The gentleman in the video can take the glasses off. We can’t “turn off” our empath gift, but we can ground and shield and protect ourselves. We can control our gift so we can truly make a difference in our corners of the world.

Posted by Empath Help Centre on Tuesday, 18 February 2014