An empath must always love themselves and be healthy before helping others

Trying to help, trying to heal, trying to guide, doing anything before you love yourself and are in a good place mentally and physically could harm you and could significantly harm the people you are trying to help.
This is so important.

I find myself repeating myself so often about this, that I’m going to make it a blog and share it instead of re-writing it every time! *grin*

An empath must always love themselves and be healthy before helping others.

I know. Not everyone feels this way. I know that some people help themselves by helping others, but I think that when they help others before helping themselves, they are hiding from their own needs, from their own learning experiences, from allowing themselves forgiveness and love.

Yes. Of course it’s going to feel good to help others. Especially when you are down, depressed, angry, sad, lonely, etc. Helping others is an instant high and it’s wonderful.

This is where it is going to upset some of you. You are helping others so you don’t have to face helping and loving yourself.

There, I said it. Argue all you want. It rang true to you, if you are in tune with yourself.
Or, it made you angry. Or it made you defensive.

So now you must ask yourself.


Why did it make you angry?
Why did it make you defensive?

Yes, it’s important to help people, but what good are you doing yourself? You can help other’s while unhealthy (mentally or physically) and then you’ll get that natural high, feeling good for a while until your next low and you’ll have to start over again Continually helping others is good, don’t get me wrong, what’s NOT good is the cycle you are in where you aren’t ever helping yourself. You are hiding from the truth. You can’t handle the truth. You will never get better if all you ever do is help everyone else.

That’s not the way to heal one’s self.

And guess what,
YOU matter.
YOU are worth it.
YOU deserve happiness.
YOU deserve good health
YOU deserve peace.
And yes, YOU deserve love.

ALL the time, not just when you’re helping others.

You do so much when you help others when you’re at your lowest:
imagine what you can do if you heal and love yourself first?



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