Difference between being an empath and being a spiritual healer

“And those in the world of Spirit, with joy in their hearts, come to glorify God in Man and Woman, that the creative energies may be given freely, and that all who would be healed and comforted might find counsel.

“We have come to you bearing the gifts you have struggled so long to find within yourselves. We seek your commitment as well.

“This Vigil, once placed upon the distant shores, incorporates itself with Spirit and Man, rekindling.

“Let this be a Vigil of mercy and love and understanding. As it is born into the First Spiritual Temple, let it be born also into all those who are in need.

“So let it be written, so let it be done. Godspeed to all of those who journey through these pages, whose names shall glisten by this Light. For you do not linger upon its pages; you are a part of its Light.”
~Excerpt from The Vigil’s Healing Book

A spiritual healer is someone who becomes a channel for the flow of healing light and energy. Spiritual healers are often empaths but not all empaths are spiritual healers.

The basic list of the “Traits of an Empath” that has been circulating the internet for a few years now is fairly straightforward, however, you will see crossover with other areas such as Lightworkers, Indigos, HSPs (Highly Sensitive People or Highly Sensitive Persons), Psychics, Mediums and even aspects that are levels of ascension.

Since all these are going on at the same time, it’s understandable but still frustrating since not all traits point to the same thing.

The long and short of being an empath is “feeling the emotions of others as if they were your own”.

The following list is the one that can be found in some form or another everytime you google “Traits of an Empath”
Keep in mind that once an empath has learned control of their gift, these “traits” aren’t there any more. We can (mostly) handle the bad aspects (including health issues) and we just utilize our gift(s) to help others. Therefore, if you are just now looking at the list of empath traits, but are in control of your gift, try to remember what it was like before you learned that control.

  1. Feeling others emotions as if they were your own
  2. Overwhelmed in public places
  3. Watching violence, cruelty or tragedy on the TV is unbearable
  4. You know when someone is not being honest
  5. Digestive disorders and lower back problems
  6. Always looking out for the underdog
  7. Others will want to offload their problems on you, even strangers
  8. Constant fatigue
  9. Addictive personality
  10. Drawn to healing, holistic therapies and all things metaphysical
  11. Creative
  12. Love of nature and animals
  13. Need for solitude
  14. Gets bored or distracted easily if not stimulated
  15. Finds it impossible to do things they don’t enjoy
  16. Strives for the truth
  17. Always looking for the answers and knowledge
  18. Likes adventure, freedom and travel
  19. Abhors clutter
  20. Loves to daydream
  21. Finds routine, rules or control, imprisoning
  22. Prone to carry weight without necessarily overeating
  23. Excellent listener
  24. Intolerance to narcissism
  25. The ability to feel the days of the week
  26. Will not choose to buy antiques, vintage or second-hand
  27. Sense the energy of food
  28. Can appear moody, shy, aloof, disconnected

I’m writing this blog because the traits of an empath are different than the listed traits of a spiritual healer. As I stated earlier, there are some similarities, but the attempt to categorize an empath as always being a healer is wrong. Not all empaths are healers and not all spiritual healers are empaths, although I believe most are .

  1. You are highly sensitive to energy.
  2. You feel other people’s emotions as your own (empath).
  3. You feel other people’s ailments as your own.
  4. You are intuitive and can read others very easily.
  5. You are a “big picture” thinker (and don’t concern yourself too much with the details).
  6. You have gone through bouts of existential depression.
  7. You have felt like an outcast for most of your life.
  8. You think differently from others.
  9. You get overwhelmed in public easily.
  10. You have struggled with anxiety or panic before.
  11. You are the natural peacemaker between people.
  12. You are the confidant that people turn to in times of need.
  13. You experience digestive issues, lower back pain or gain weight around the stomach (solar plexus chakra disorders).
  14. You feel drained after spending too much time around people
  15. Sensitive beings like animals and children gravitate towards you.
  16. Other people tend to “dump” their emotional baggage onto you to deal with.
  17. You think in shades of grey rather than in black and white.
  18. You are very aware of the interconnectedness of life and deeply respect it.
  19. You believe in synchronicity more than coincidences.
  20. You have a history of healers in the family, e.g. nurses, psychologists, massage therapists
  21. You’ve experienced a major trauma in your life, e.g. loss of your family, life-threatening illness, near death experience, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, war, mental illness.
  22. You’ve gone through a spiritual awakening.
  23. You’ve experienced the dark night of the soul.
  24. You tend to use the right side thinker more than a left side thinker.
  25. You experience chronic pain in your body or an autoimmune disease (energetic blockages).
  26. You are EMF sensitive (electromagnetic hypersensitivity).
  27. You tend to attract people who need “fixing” but often get trapped in self-sacrificing roles.
  28. You’re an excellent and compassionate listener.
  29. You are naturally drawn towards healing professions that help others experience balance and wholeness.
  30. You can feel, distinguish between and alter the energy within and without yourself.
  31. You have had numerous mystical experiences.

As you can see, there are definitive differences, but one of the listed traits of a Spiritual Healer is actually being an empath. If you are a healer, it is quite likely you will need training. If you are a healer and know of any training, please comment on this blog so that we may guide other spiritual healers because the world really needs you right now!

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20 thoughts on “Difference between being an empath and being a spiritual healer

  1. HI there I’m definitely a healer and I need to know how to ground my self because I can get not just know stuff. I can read people and as I’m reading them I can get a sensation like I’m living there lives. I had a friend stay and I started believing I have o negative blood and I shared with him a feeling of being rapped and used and everything he said was him but I was saying it to him like it was me. Like the feeling of I was talking for him but I didn’t leave my body. And it’s draining. I need to growed my self. I didn’t even ask to read him then the other night I started reading his parnter and these just stuff that I’m getting that I don’t wanna know. Please help

    • Surrender and accept to your gift as the greatest treasure from God. You are one of the few chosen to lead this path. Allow this gift to permeate in everything that you do and every decision that you make. Once you approach it with positive intentions, you will become fearless. Then whenever you feel that you will read someone, allow yourself to read them and then say to yourself that these are not your feelings and physically “brush off” those energies with your hands from each shoulder to palm and torso outward. If you’re feeling physical pain, place your hands on that area of pain and say a small prayer and acknowledge that that’s not your pain and guide it out (deep inhalation’s and exhalations. You can seek out reiki to learn the basic self-care methods or find a meditation method that you are comfortable with. I’ve studied briefly Tibetan meditation. You will see that you are a natural with meditation.

    • My hands get very red and hot-even if I hold them over my head for long periods and I get so drained lately-CREST syndrome is thought to be at work-cant sleep for long periods of time-I have AB+ blood and lots of Native American-Gypsy-French blood-I have chronic lower back and foot pains as well as locking of the neck-I married into some very bad draining people who enjoy inflicting pain even if they have to inflict on themselves to get to you-I am very tired and been a nurse since 1984-all sides of my family are psychic-can tell the meanings of dreams-stop blood-remote view-heal-remove warts-I can communicate with animals without speaking out loud-I know I have lived past lives as I sometimes dream of things from them-others psychics have said so too-any help anyone can give me to gain my strength back I will return the favor-I am so glad to be here where people know we are not crazy but have a precious gift!!

  2. The lists of traits for empaths vs. healers appear appropriate but I question the comment regarding healers not being empaths. My intuition indicates that there is a category of empaths called healer empaths and that a healer can be both as well as have other gifts.
    Additionally, no one seems to offer a technique for learning to control empathic input. Do they not know or is this just a way to charge money for sharing the knowledge? I have a technique that works well is anyone is interested. And Spirit agrees that it works well.

    • I would like to hear your technique, I am searching for ways to harness my healing energy because I have no control over it and it drains me on a daily basis. I am so drawn to that part of me and want to be able to use it to help people without harming myself. Blessed be!

      • I have never known a true Empath until recently, so I speak as a second person. Her life is based on emotions. She has wonderful highs. Is repulsed with animal abuse. She’s incensed with narcissism. A narcissist will engage his behaviors more easily with an Empath. Her intuition is impeccable. Being with people that she only knows deeply. She is at her best in nature-a park. She fears the forest. The sun grounds her. She is attuned to lunar energy. She is loving, compassionate, and sensitive. She has survivor instinct. She has a peach aura.

    • Charles I myself am interested in your “spirit approved ” technique!

      I am also open to learning to control/allow more clear messages/info/etc. If you have any of those resources I would appreciate it!

    • Please share your knowledge. I need to know all techniques. I would not share my gift by charging money. They are gifts.

    • I’d love to know more about your empath healer methods, I’m still in very early stages and feel I need my anti anxiety meds as I don’t have a grasp on the energy flow, if love your help!

    • Not sure if you are still reading this or if you will get the reply but I am very interested in your method. My mother and I share a home so we can help each other and we are both empath healers….sadly neither of us know how to control these gifts. I am disabled and she is elderly so we end up picking up each others pain, fatigue and everything else. We desperately need to learn how to shut each other out and ground ourselves. casiopa.xue@gmail.com

  3. How do you find a mentor to help you if you I’ve been told you’re an intuitive empath I know I’m an intuitive empath but don’t know how to control it and how to use it

  4. Greetings…I suppose im an empath, i usually feel what others r feeling, strangers turn to me nd ofload secrets which i find very disturbing, the past 2 weeks ive been experiencing something new, when i think of somthing few minutes later it happens.I sometimes dreams of things and they occur in the exact oder as in my dream.
    ive been searchin for ways i can put this gift at better use.

  5. I m not too sure what I am. I know that one time by accident I went to a empath/ medium didn’t know though but while I was there she told me I had a lot of energy…. it stayed with me and later texted her and asked if it was good energy and she said yes. I wanted to go back to talk to her which she said she would but never made the time. I still plan on going soon. Since then I’ve been drawn to finding out more about chakras and empaths anything doing with spirituality and so on. Right before I was to go back to see this girl my husband passed away(about 6 weeks ago) and now I’m even more drawn. How do I go about this … I’m questioning myself and thinking is this just an interest or an I being drawn for some reason.

  6. Namaste to all the healers and Empaths out there…. I am just realizing ( aged 50 yrs) that I am sensitive person and I can read energies unknowingly and unintentionally…I have seen myself healing others… which has started to bother me a little… by now.

    I started to dig a little online and just recently had come to this realization…! I don’t know who I am and how to heal myself when I take on other ‘s energies…!!

    Still learning thanks for all the supporting knowledge… it is helpful!!

  7. I have known I am sensitive. I have always been able to read people and sense when something is wrong.

    I have premonitions, and I experience a lot of dejavu. I’ll dream about something, not remember it and days, weeks, or months later, even as long as a year I have a feeling I have done that exact thing, held the same conversation, etc.

    I am not one to hug others. Strangers just seem too give me their life story or share their problems with me. Being in large crowds is so draining. The only time I feel re-energized is when I am in the water. It has to be on a lake or in the ocean. Sometimes the pool helps.

    My mother’s family are clairvoyants and are sensitive. My mother can’t see specific things, she feels them.

    I would like to learn how to use my gift. I am not sure if I am a healer as well. My mother tells me I have the gift of healing when it comes to using essential oils in knowing exactly what each individual needs.

    My daughter is exploring spirituality and learning Tarot. She is very gifted. She sees spirits and has often times said she has seen a burnt girl, a skeleton that was burned but has flesh falling off crawling on the floor, and a woman with long dark hair standing in our living room.

  8. I heal others on a daily basis since that is now my life work that I love! Some of the treatments I provide are; Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Reflexology and Reiki. I feel and transmit energy during every treatment. My hands get very warm and I feel pulsing especially when doing cranial work. One of the first modalities that I was introduced to was Reiki and that lead to everything else. My former job was in an office and I felt like a caged animal and knew there was more out there for me. My goal in life is to help others heal. So I suppose I am a healer but also an intuitive empath. My hands are guided during treatments and I totally feel others pain…I am highly sensitive. Word of advice for other body light workers, get yourselves attuned to Reiki. That way you have energy coursing through you to the recipient and never feel drained. After treatments I actually feel revitalized. Oh and yes MEDITATE! Amiste! Many Blessings! (Gaia)

  9. Yes! I too heal by feel. I am 62 and finally recognise that this is my journey. Because I feel others physical and emotional pains means I am guided intuitively to help heal others.
    This has not always felt like a blessing !!!!! If there may be a chance that anyone reading this either feels I could be of any help or would just like to share ……don’t hesitate.

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