Empaths in the workplace

Whoever understands intention wields great personal power in any workplace. When you understand the importance and influence of intention, you gain two magical powers:

  1. It gives you the power to understand anyone
  2. It allows you to create your own reality.

Human beings, when you narrow it all down, do anything and everything to feel better, or to avoid pain. This is a positive intention.

The Power to Understand Anyone

If we assume everything everyone does has a positive intent, we simplify so much of life. That coworker who keeps following up with you if you don’t answer an email right away is not trying to make you feel bad but trying to make her life easier by getting the answer now to avoid a situation she may be trying to fix.

That boss who yells at you after you spent so much time and effort on a tough project for him isn’t really angry at you, but he may be scared because he needed to get something done for his boss, or else he would get fired.

When you try to help out a friend, but they get defensive, they may have a strong “gatekeeper” or inner child trying to protect them from the scariness of change and facing the parts of themselves that they have disowned in their life. So they put up a barrier against certain types of comments. The key is to address that positive intent of that gatekeeper and make them feel safe before the truth can be given.

The underlying intent for each of these cases is to feel good or to avoid pain. If you look at it this way, all violence is caused by suffering, and therefore the intent to feel better. The starving person is violent to receive some food. The violent person disables another who is giving them pain.

They are all suffering in some way, or using violence to gain significance in themselves to feel good. Think about it: the person holding the gun at you now has instant significance to you, no matter what their age, race or monetary status. They just want to feel significant to feel important or to feel good.

So if we take every interaction in the office we get as with the underlying intent of the person feeling better or to avoid pain, we begin to understand and feel compassion for everyone.

We stop jumping to conclusions and thinking with our monkey mind, which is a “tit for tat” kind of mind. Instead, we are given the opportunity to lead with empathy, and create a new corporate world for people.

The Power To Create Your Own Reality

Let’s take a look at the second element of power discussed, and that is the power to use intention to create your own reality. There is a reason yogis always tell you to set your intention before class: because where your focus goes, your energy flows.

Wherever you put your intention and energy grows.

Most people drift through life reacting to people, places, and situations. And some people have goals, but never a daily intention on how to live their life in alignment with their goals, then they wonder why they never reach their goals.

The purpose of having a daily intention to lead your life, especially in the corporate workplace, is that when you have an intention, you are infusing your life with certain themes such as health, peacefulness, abundance or kindness. These themes are so much more powerful than a simple goal because they infuse everything you do and are.

The secret ingredient to achieving all your goals is to make sure your intentions are in alignment with who you truly are, and that your goals are also in that same alignment. Meditation and focused thought are key to confirming what is in alignment with your true self and what is not.

You’ll see that when you create themes around your life, decisions become easier to make, you become calmer and more certain, and you notice the opportunities that are right for you more easily.

Set Daily Intentions

One of the most powerful things an empath can do to change their life is to tap into their intuition and emotions to create a daily intention. The intention you make every day is going to be a powerful guide that creates the reality of your whole day.

So to let your intention, when you wake up in the morning, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and get relaxed. Perhaps think of someone you admire or are drawn to. Write down some of the characteristics of that person you wish to have. The truth is, you are attracted to this person’s characteristics because you have those same characteristics inside that wish to be brought out.

Now, think about how you want to FEEL and go about your day. A good way to think about it is you may want to feel as if you have those characteristics you admire in others. Or maybe you have a higher version of yourself that you want to move towards.

With those characteristics in mind, you’re going to write out a clear, concise sentence about how you’ll feel going through the day. For instance: “I react to every obstacle with love and compassion”. Or “I am calm, deep and full of wisdom in whatever I do”. Or “I seek to listen to the wisdom of my body at every turn.”

These are the things you want to focus on which will guide you through every action of your day. Every day, make it a habit to live your life with an intention. This is the secret to being able to create the life you want to live. Whatever we dream about, feel about and think about, we become.

When we become more intentional, we become better leaders. And we have a power most leaders have not discovered yet. And we must always use this power for good, self-understanding and positive change.

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