Feeling Drained?

by Jean

Have you been feeling like you’re running on empty like your spiritual gas tank is hitting that scary red zone? It happens to the best of us, especially when you’re someone who feels everything so deeply and personally. You give and give, and sometimes give so much that it feels like you just can’t give anymore… You don’t feel like yourself or you’re just so drained from all the giving, you don’t want to get out of bed, or move. Sound familiar?

So, why are you feeling this way?

Unhealthy Over-Giving:
You’re the one who’s always there… listening, helping, healing, and doing everything you can to be there, for everyone but yourself. Too many times we pour so much of ourselves into others that we’ve forgotten to keep some of that magic for ourselves. It’s like trying to water plants with an empty can.

Energetic Attachments:
Imagine you’re carrying an invisible backpack. Each interaction and each emotional exchange (knowingly and unknowingly) adds a rock to your backpack. A lot of times we forget to empty the rocks out and we just continue walking about, with these burdens, and not knowing why we are feeling the way we are.

Self-Care Side-Stepped:
Sure, it’s easy to preach self-care but sometimes it’s even harder to practice it. Especially when you place everyone’s needs above your own. It’s like being a guide to others on a path you’ve stopped walking yourself. You have to learn how to say no, to set boundaries… and sometimes, people have to hear “NO”, and you would be amazed at how much respect you can gain by doing so at times.

Environmental Toxins:
Ever felt heavier after scrolling through your feed or leaving a crowded place? That’s the weight of the world’s vibes resting on your shoulders. Sometimes, without realizing it, we absorb so much, and too much of it, that we can’t distinguish what is truly of us and what feelings are of someone else.

How Does It Manifest?

Emotional Numbness and Isolation:
It’s when the world feels muted, and you’re just going through the motions, detaching because connecting takes too much out of you. You need time and space to feel, to think, to sleep, and to try to clear the fog.

Lack of Inspiration and Physical Fatigue:
Your once vibrant world of colors turns gray, and your body feels like it’s moving through molasses. Even your passion feels like a distant memory. You just can’t find that UMPH in you and your confidence has wandered off.

The Healing Journey

Spiritual Detox:
Let’s hit that RESET button by creating a ritual that speaks uniquely to you. Maybe it’s lighting a candle, drawing a bath with Epsom salts and lavender, or sitting quietly with a piece of selenite or shungite in hand. Now imagine the flame, the water, or the energy of the healing rock just sweeping all the heaviness away.

Take Advantage of Nature:
Mother Nature is truly the best healer. It feels so good to get home, take off those shoes, and spend time outside! Take a moment to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, enjoy the gentle breeze in your hair, and walk barefoot feeling the grass beneath your feet and wiggle your toes in the soil! You can even try some gardening, even if it’s just a single plant, this helps you to reconnect with the cycle of life and growth. Perhaps just try some herbs, this way instead of constant giving, you will also be getting to enjoy your labor.

Creative Expression – Your Spirit’s Palette:
This is about letting your soul speak in colors, sounds, and movements. You can start a journal, write some poems or a short story. Even create some artwork, or crafts, or just doodle away… or perhaps you prefer to grab the guitar or sit at a piano. Either way, it’s not about the end product, but allowing yourself to release, to let your soul dance freely to release those trapped energies and create some me time meditation. The key here is for you to DO YOU!

Let Your Energy Flow:
Incorporating movement that makes you feel alive does wonders in so many aspects. It could be as simple as stretching before getting out of bed, dancing in your living room to balance your root chakra, or practicing Tia Chi. Just connect to your soul and feel each movement as a release to let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Take A Quiet Retreat:
Challenge yourself to disconnect from the world. Start with an hour, then maybe a day. Turn off the news, stop reading the chaos, and perhaps limit those feeds that bring you down. Do you notice the difference in how you feel when you’re not constantly bombarded with information and energies from the digital world?

Get Connected with Your Tribe:
It’s great to connect to those who are like-minded, raise your vibration, and those who instantly light up your path. There are so many different communities out there on the web and even in your neck of the woods. When you can share experiences and know that you’re not alone, you find a special power within that lets you know you’re not so weird, after all.

Embrace The Inner Child:
Find joy in the simple things of life, like watching a funny movie, playing with a pet, or having a silly dance-off with yourself. Laughter is a powerful healer, reminding us not to take life, or ourselves, too seriously. Even something as simple as watching the clouds form into animals and objects can be a breath of life that helps you find your joy.

No matter what, it’s important to remember that in this journey it is uniquely yours but also universally shared. Each step you take toward healing and self-care not only brings you closer to your true self but also lights the way for others on their paths. So, take that first step, even if it’s small. You’re not alone, and you’re loved more than you know. I’m here to help you find your way back to that beautiful, vibrant soul of yours. Let’s make this journey together, one beautiful step at a time.

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