How Are You Weathering Life’s Storms as an Empath or Lightworker?

by Jean

Recently, I’ve noticed that life’s been throwing some real curveballs our way lately, hasn’t it? We’ve all been in the trenches dealing with the tough stuff – saying goodbye to loved ones, navigating the heartache of break-ups, worrying about family or friends falling ill or our own personal health, or grappling with the shock of losing a job. It’s a lot to handle. And for us, the empaths and lightworkers, it’s not just going through the motions; it feels like we’re absorbing every single emotion, every heartache, every stress – like a sponge soaking up an endless flood.

Now, when you’re as tuned in as we are, every loss, every farewell – it doesn’t just sting, it burns very deeply and feels beyond personal… it’s as if each sadness is a shadow clinging to our own souls. These moments of uncertainty can feel like we’re endlessly balancing on a thin tightrope, blindfolded, with no safety net below. For the empath connected, every wave of emotion from those around us crashes over like a tidal wave, leaving us struggling to find our footing or even to be able to stand or get out of bed.

Now, if you’re a lightworker, it’s like adding on an additional layer that can really weigh you down. Our clairvoyant abilities mean we’re not just feeling the present; sometimes, we’re pre-living the future. We sense the undercurrents, the storms building up, the heartaches before they even unfold. It’s like being at the center of an emotional hurricane that never seems to calm. Yes, it’s a profound gift, but in times of turmoil, it can amplify the intensity of life’s challenges, making each experience feel like a magnified reflection of our deepest fears and sorrows, which is why you frequently hear that it is also a curse.

So, what are we, as empaths and lightworkers, supposed to do when it feels like the universe has cranked up the speed, leaving us in a blur?
Let’s have a heart-to-heart regarding some tips for navigating these swirling seas with a little bit of grace:
Set Those Boundaries:
I really can’t stress this one enough, as we really need to learn to implement and follow through with boundaries. Imagine setting up an exclusive club where only positive vibes are allowed. If something (or someone) drains your energy or brings you down, they’re not on your VIP list. This applies to places, people, and even wandering thoughts. It’s about protecting your energy like it’s sacred – because it is.
Stay Grounded AND Centered:
Imagine yourself as a tree: roots securely embedded in the nurturing earth, arms outstretched to soak in the sun’s soothing rays, embodying both strength and resilience. You can even engage with nature directly by going for a walk barefoot or wrapping your arms around a tree, absorbing its enduring stability into your being.
For empaths, connecting with nature is like hitting the reset button. It helps get rid of all that extra emotional static, making you feel more balanced and chilled out.
Meanwhile, lightworkers will find this practice instrumental in realigning their spiritual bearings, helping them navigate the chaos without losing direction. Whether through barefoot walks, immersing yourself in gardening, or simply visualizing your roots extending into the ground, this connection can usher in a sense of deep tranquility and clear vision.
Let It Out:
Bottled-up emotions are like crashers at your party who just won’t take a hint to leave. Time to find your way to kick them out – chat it out with a friend you trust, scribble in a journal, make some art, dance to your favorite music, or find a private spot to just shout or cry it all out. It’s all about turning those heavy feelings into something that tells your story.
Me Time Is Key Time:
What’s your favorite way to chill out? Maybe it’s soaking in a bubble bath with candles all around, doing some easy yoga or getting a massage, or just getting lost in a good book or binge-watching a show. Make sure you set aside time for these chill zones. Don’t feel bad about it, and don’t make excuses. It’s all about giving yourself a moment to just breathe and be yourself.
Lean on Your Crew:
We are not meant to weather these storms alone. Your people – your friends, family, or soul tribe – they are your anchor. For empaths, it’s about sharing your feelings, not shouldering them alone. For lightworkers, it’s about exchanging wisdom and energy, creating a supportive circle of light and love.
Help Mindfully:
Our nature is to serve, to heal, to love. But remember, you can’t fill others from an empty vessel. Before you rush to heal the world, check in with yourself. Are you healed? Are you whole? It’s not selfish; it’s necessary.
Embrace Your Gifts:
Empaths, your deep feeling is a form of intuition, a guide through life’s fog. Lightworkers, your insights and foresight are beacons for others as well as yourself. Honor these gifts, but also recognize when to step back and allow yourself to recharge. Your light shines brightest when it shines from a place of strength and balance.
Remember, navigating these storms doesn’t mean you have to play the hero in every scene. Sometimes, the bravest thing you can do is wrap yourself in that metaphorical cozy blanket, step back, and allow the world to turn without you for a while. You are human, and honoring your humanity is your greatest strength.

Sending out all the chill vibes and the warmest, coziest feels, to all those that need it in this time of uncertainty. Be true to you!
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