Let them tell their story, safely, for both of you

One of the key aspects of being an empath is all the stories people want to tell you. As an empath and often as an introvert empath, you don’t really want to “hear” their stories.
One brilliant empath, has found the answer. She carries journals and these people who need the release WRITE in her journals to tell their story.
This is the most beautiful, heart warming, soul touching thing I’ve ever seen.

(Trigger warning, read the journals at your own risk. Shields up!!)
Journaling instead of listening
“Sometimes I get drawn to places, even far away (car drive far away) and don’t know why until I get there. There’s usually a person or an animal that I have to physically touch to transfer energy either to the individual from me, or the individual to me. Sometimes it’s draining, but then I just drive with the windows down on my way home and the wind seems to carry any fatigue from the encounter away~ This started happening to me so often that I started a community journal/automatic writing project for the people to vent and the people opened up to me in so many ways. It’s quite an amazing project because so many people got to vent, it opened my eyes to so many things and I learned so much from it! I even illustrated some of the entries! Here is one of the journals. Maybe it’s a good idea for some of you to try too”

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