My Octopus Teacher

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Last night I watched the movie My Octopus Teacher on Netflix and it was really beautiful how the narrator bonded with the baby octopus he met while diving. He really established a deep relationship with the animal and it was a very good example of an animal empath. I won’t spoil it, but there was one instance where he stated that he could feel what the octopus was feeling. I never realized they were such intelligent animals and you could tell that the octopus felt the same way about the diver as he felt about her. I have always felt a strong connection with animals myself, especially cats. I love other animals, but cats are definitely my favorite! Animals enrich our lives so much!! I also loved how the narrator in this film experienced the beauty of nature in the kelp forrest in the water he was diving in. The ocean sure is a whole other world!! With everything going on, I feel like we all need to connect to animals and Mother Earth to recharge our souls!

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