The Problem With Being an Empath

by Alexandria Heather

The Problem With Being an Empath – well there’s far more than just one.
But the one that isn’t spoken about is one of the first things empaths need to learn.
Don’t give it all up, yo.
We do.
We give it up.
For us it’s natural and healthy!
To others it looks like fucking madness.
Disability through mind fever.
Too friendly.
Too trusting.
We are rare.
Getting rarer as the human body undergoes environmental assaults that dull empathy; and we are increasingly engaged in cultural practices that reduce authentic connections.
This isn’t some ‘holier-than-thou’ crap or eugenics horror I’m suggesting.
We are profoundly sensitive, more-so than most of us ever realize, even though we spend our lives compensating for the sandpaper others call just a regular day.
Though it wears on their souls as well, no doubt.
Perhaps it’s because we soak up bits and pieces from everyone, everything around us, that makes it harder for us to cope.
We function as part of the larger group in this way, but the correct utilization of our function has been lost to time. We are left wide open, raw in the sandstorms that is this human life. But we cannot be any other way. This is another problem that gets us all in trouble, yo.
We crave connection.
We forgive almost always without barely thinking of the severity of trespass.
In short, we have the capacity to love just about anyone.
We need to love.
We need to share and connect.
Not casual party friends. Not insincere conversation in a fancy restaurant.
We honor our connections so deeply we will give them our entire field of energy.
Empaths may learn early on they are different, though often we are taught it is a bad thing, that somehow, we are intrinsically bad because of a difference we’d never perceive of ourselves. We don’t realize we shine too bright for some to ignore.
This is one of the hardest problems we have to deal with.
We give off the pure, unconditional love and we just think it’s natural to glow bright and bold for all those to see, for miles and miles.
We don’t understand that makes us a target.
We aren’t taught, none of us, to see and understand the Unified Energy Field.
Look around you right now. Look at the nature of the air. You will see the slight contrasting of texture, some describe as dots or often mistaken for molecules or atoms. What you are seeing is the the field of energy that unites all things. You can develop that sight to the point that the dots become points of light in a perceivable woven pattern.
Yes, my love, The Matrix and Star Wars were films telling you some real truth.
Not being taught about our energy field, and further, the nature of this dimension and other dimensions, we are presented with worlds of problems.
We don’t understand how many creatures exist on varying levels of vibrational energy.
There are a lot of low-vibrational entities around.
We don’t conceive of existing in low energy.
Living in the shadows.
We only see that as a being of light suffering in dis-ease.
Others see a bum on the street, we see a beautiful suffering soul who needs whatever we can offer.
We believe our love, our light, is enough to heal.
No doubt that it is.
We are born with a sense of eternal replenishment of that loving energy.
We don’t understand that this is rare and like a beacon.
Unfortunately those who truly will use it to heal rarely get to it.
There is always a crowd around our light, even when we appear completely alone.
Every empath is surrounded by different levels of parasite.
An empath who becomes ill is burdened with many parasites on the energetic level. These are like bugs embedded in your energy body.
They aren’t malicious but they think you’re delicious!
Get rid of these fuckers asap.
But then there’s all the ways you must heal yourself.
Many of us have had these bugs most of our lives.
When they are gone, they create a vacuum. Like the space where a tumor was. It’s raw. It also is an invitation. So even if you get rid of something, if you don’t properly seal off your field, it’s almost literally a ‘for rent’ sign.
Let’s talk about the vacuum on the more material plane.
Let’s talk about the fucking bugs in your life.
The ones wearing clothes and talking shit, man.
If you are an empath you have loved a lot of toxic people.
Good on you, that was really generous of you.
I doubt you’ve been appreciated for that, so thank you for giving love out into the world.
Empaths often internalize failed relationships.
They don’t just take the blame, they eat the blame.
Empaths digest sorrow and loss for months, if not years, when not taught how to properly discharge negative energies.
Sometimes relationships even make an empath physically ill.
People really do die from broken hearts.
Empaths are often born to toxic people, normalizing abusive treatment.
Those formative relationships open an empath up to more toxic behavior.
An empath may not ever realize these people are toxic. they spend their life believing they are broken because they are in relationships with people who are unable to live peacefully or mindfully. Empaths absorb other’s pain and guilt. For some people, this is the kind of relief from their own self-hate, to pour that negative energy into an empath.
An empath, over time, may even mimic toxic behavior, if entrenched in a world where deceit, abuse, gaslighting and triangulation are common.
Sadly group cultures are often toxic, the empath invariably becoming the scapegoat of the group.
This relationship obviously had some positive function long ago.
We possess the capacity to create energy boundaries of health and protection.
Empaths ancient role was to collect and diffuse the negative energy that caused toxicity and illness in the group.
When trained properly, an empath can manipulate the Unified Energy Field with ease and to great benefit to the vicinity.
However, empaths need to take more precautions and practice diligent cleansing of their bodies, energy field, mind and heart in order to continue our function.
Most of the ancient knowledge has been squirreled away by dark forces. This knowledge that was once common practice among humans has been humiliated down to superstitions and crackery in our modern world.
To speak of auras and past lives, once such ordinary observations, are now subject to mockery in the general human public.
But those who feel called to serve seek this occult knowledge that is our birthright.
If it cannot be taken back from the vaults of our oppressors, it rises up in dreams pooled in genetic memory. Empaths are often seers, able to glimpse where others do not see.
Many empaths today are awakening to the call to serve because we can no longer live in our bubbles, the function of the constructed,’normal’ life holds little distraction against the tidal wave of emotions pouring over us, all day, all night, all the time. There is no quiet here anymore.
Because we are now at the edge of complete loss of life on this planet.
The empaths feel the urgent calls deep from the ocean depths, and the pleading for mercy from the animal world.
Empaths feel our children dying from American bombs. We cannot longer ignore the background noise of a planetary being choking on poison, forests screaming in horror at our murderous ways.
This toxicity we must bear, we must process and dissipate.
Is there a chance for survival?
For stemming what the dark forces have done to our paradise?
Empaths can’t not try to help.
It is our job to heal others.
But how many of us have learned to heal ourselves?
That is our biggest problem: This world teaches no one to truly love oneself.
And that’s the very first step everyone absolutely requires for a healthy life.
Empaths are needed everywhere.
The simple function of empathy is being lost in our human world. Is it time to let our species go down in this muck? Or are we ready to step up to the plate and offer unconditional love?

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