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Eight musts for an empath

Once you have clarified that you are indeed an empath, then you have accepted that you are a little “different”.   There are different rules that you should abide by to prevent yourself from harm and to learn how to harness your gifts towards your higher purpose. Chances are if you are not an empath then you have a friend or family member that is.  … Read the rest

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The Empath’s Guide to Clearing and Shielding Your Energy



As an empath, you feel everyone else’s emotions. Your body functions like a vibrational instrument, like a drum vibrating in tune to other people’s thoughts and emotions.

As an empath, you also absorb other people’s thoughts and feelings. This is why after you have a conversation with someone, you walk away feeling drained or upset.… Read the rest

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Difference between being an empath and being a spiritual healer

“And those in the world of Spirit, with joy in their hearts, come to glorify God in Man and Woman, that the creative energies may be given freely, and that all who would be healed and comforted might find counsel.

“We have come to you bearing the gifts you have struggled so long to find within yourselves.

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Advice for the Empath – Step on that crack!!

I recently finished reading The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff, MD, and I found it to be amazingly helpful in many areas of my life. A lot has changed in my life since the day I first began searching “reading people” on the Internet after hearing a compelling story from a friend who shared his experience with his gift and realizing that I, myself also had that ability.… Read the rest

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Let them tell their story, safely, for both of you

One of the key aspects of being an empath is all the stories people want to tell you. As an empath and often as an introvert empath, you don’t really want to “hear” their stories.
One brilliant empath, has found the answer. She carries journals and these people who need the release WRITE in her journals to tell their story.… Read the rest

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~Are those your feelings~

by Jenna Avery

Several empath and sensitive readers have shared on the blog that they struggle with knowing when they’re experiencing their own feelings versus feelings they have “picked up” from someone else.

To review, empathy is the ability to tune into and experience another person’s feelings as if they are your own.… Read the rest

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The difference between being an empath and being an earth angel

“An Earth Angel is a soul with non-Earthly origins. Although all souls originate from the same Divine source, our environment and personal history often shape our personalities and physical characteristics. For instance, those who spend most of their time surfing at tropical beaches will have different looks and mannerisms than people who hole up in their inner-city offices every day.… Read the rest

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Higher level of protection for empaths

An empath learns to shield, sometimes instinctively, sometimes from other empaths or support groups. But it doesn’t feel right, something is missing, something important. If an empath builds a wall instead of a shield, nothing gets in and after a while, that will be detrimental to one’s mental and physical health as well as an empath’s ability to use their gift the way it is meant to be used: to help others.… Read the rest

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