Unique journey as an empath

by Jean

An empath has a unique journey filled with both rainbows and rocky mountains. You see, we empaths (and lightworkers), we love so hard, so deeply, and so intensely. We share the emotions of those we love, those nearby, and sometimes even those who have strayed from our shared path of emotions.

We are guilty of being a people pleasers, putting others above ourselves. Our compassion and love knows no bounds. As beautiful as it can be, it also comes with its challenges.

We get challenged with emotional overloads and sometimes we don’t even know or realize if what we are feeling, is really our own personal feelings. Let’s not forget about being misunderstood or isolated.

It’s crucial for us to start taking care of ourselves in the same way we care for our partners, children, and others we pour our energy into. Neglecting “self-love” can lead to imbalances in our mind, body, and spirit. Did you know that neglecting to give yourself the time for self-love, it can lead to imbalances in your mind, body, and spirit?

It’s important that we learn how to set boundaries!

Boundaries aren’t intended to hurt someone, they are there to protect your energy, honor your needs, and help to ensure healthy relationships. They help guide you in helping others understand your limits and your personal space.

Look, we are going to face challenges when setting boundaries. We are going to be hard on ourselves. We are going to bend rules that we are trying to set. We are going to cave in and we will also beat ourselves down at first. We don’t want to hurt others feelings so setting boundaries can feel as heavy as a boulder of burden. However, if you apply yourself it will get easier and you’ll find that sometimes, saying no, is just what others need to hear.

Setting boundaries allow you to provide self-care. One way to practice self care is by having a bubble bath, or spending some time meditating, or going out to dance. It doesn’t matter what it is, just make it all about you. Put some time aside for you. You can start out small and work your way up. Remember, to clear your mind, and say “This is my time!”

Along with giving yourself a big hug, isn’t it time to implement some positive mind, body and spirit some love too? Making some me time is about it all. Start putting in some routines for spending some time working out, do some stretching, and moving those muscles. You may find you’ve neglected some of those over a long period of time! Do some yoga, some meditation, or clear those Chakras!

There are so many ways that we can better our mind, body, and spirit and as an empath, your ability to love, to feel, and to connect is truly a powerful blessing for the good of the world. Embrace your gifts, learn to work with them, and connect to understand how beautiful and important you are. You weren’t intended to hide all that light, nor allow it to suffocate. You are a bright light, so flip that switch on, and shine from within!

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