Five Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels as an Empath

exhausted woman
You don’t have to be exhausted empaths.

Guest blogger: Kay Hutchinson


We recently ran a poll in the Empath Support Group on Facebook that showed that fatigue was the top challenge that empaths face.

But why is that? As empaths, our energetic bandwidth gets consumed by:


  • Sensory and emotional overload.


  • Having weak boundaries that allow emotional vampires like narcissists to feed on our energy.


  • Distractions that prevent us from consciously filtering our experiences so that we allow more beneficial sensations inward and keep out negative energy.

The good news is that you are not destined as an empath to feel utterly exhausted.

These five strategies can help you restore your vitality by giving you tools to stop the overwhelm and create stronger boundaries and filters.


1. Give yourself permission to set strong boundaries. Know that when you take care to recharge you by taking down time, you are not just caretaking you. Your energy connects to other empaths and the people in your life who love you—so when you take time for you—you are loving them.


2. Take time each day to engage “energetic hygiene” to let go of emotional or sensory overwhelm. This can be as simple as taking a shower and imagining a healing energy washing the residue of all you have sensed and felt emotionally, psychically, and physically away.  If you don’t like showers, just visualize standing in a waterfall and allowing the cleansing waters to drain all the feelings and sensations away.


3. Anchor yourself. Take time to center and ground yourself by standing on the bare earth and just breathing for a full ten minutes. Can’t get outdoors? Visualizing dropping roots from your feet into the earth as if you are tree and exhale for a long count of 6 and inhale for a count of 4.  This style of breathing also relaxes the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in our bodies that gets dysregulated when we feel the emotions and sensations of other people as empaths.


4. Re-energize your filter. You have a naturally built-in filter that like a muscle, needs to be strengthened daily so that you have greater choice about what energies come into your field of awareness—or get registered by your body.  Try this simple reset to bolster your natural shielding:


5.Try passive self-care. So often we think self-care must be complicated.

Try the simple practice of laying down and listening to soothing music or meditations.

Invite your body to rest in a bath or floating in a pool of water.

Or the yogic practice of putting legs on the wall and breathing deeply. The gentle shift in circulation revives your kidneys and adrenals in less than 15 minutes.

Remember, you are always empowered to reclaim your energy and regulate how you experience the world as an empath.

Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT is the CEO of Aiki Healing with 20+ years of clinical experiencing using Chinese energy medicine to help women empaths break free from the damage of narcissistic energy vampires and restore their lives. She is the creator of  “Get Your Mojo Back Herbal Healing Journey” an ongoing healing membership that teaches women how to use herbal and qi gong reset tools to heal narcissistic abuse in a supportive sisterhood healing circle. Also, check out her podcast, “Get Your Mojo Back: Quick Resets to Help Empathic Women Heal Narcissistic Abuse.”

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