University Empath Support Groups

Universities have support groups for everything, they have clubs and meetings and support, but as being an empath becomes more “main stream” I am at a loss as to why there aren’t any Empath Support Groups at major or even smaller colleges and universities.

An empath is a person who feels the emotions of other people as if it was their own emotion. An untrained empath is easily overwhelmed and this will add to all the other new experiences a young college student is having.

It really makes no sense that in today’s world there isn’t more support for young people who are entering the great big world by taking that stepping stone of going to college after high school. Freshmen alone are having to deal with academic pressures and social problems but empaths need extra help to navigate at all levels of college. Picking up the emotions of other students from large classes to small, from dorms to sororities and fraternities. There is so much going on and while other support groups can help, it would make so much more sense to have one specific to an empath’s needs.

Don’t get me wrong, the groups that do exist are very important. There are sports clubs, religious clubs, gaming clubs, alcohol support groups, ethnicity groups, women’s groups, men’s groups, gender groups, trauma groups, all these are necessary and great but where is the support for the young empaths who have ventured out into the world? Yes, we often are introverts, but even then sometimes, just sometimes, we would like to at least have the option, the safety net, the knowledge that if we wanted to, if we needed to, we could find that help we need.

Colleges and universities already know how important it is for the aforementioned support groups and clubs, they already recognize how important it is to be respectful and accepting of an individual’s spiritual path and life path but there is no substantial support networks in place for people struggling with how they emotionally connect with the world and each other.

It’s so scary, going out in the world, living on our own, dealing with money, whether it’s a job to pay our way through college or just financial aid and paying for classes and labs. We are setting and following our own schedule, first time actually having to study without being told to study. I wouldn’t say the university professors don’t care, but they have so many other students, they aren’t going to hunt you down to make you go to class. It’s all on you and although universities do provide support for these things, it sometimes just isn’t enough, and if the support groups don’t understand empaths, they don’t know that we’re often not just feeling our own but everyone else’s.
Very often, it’s also our first time in a new city or town and there is no parental supervision. We have all this freedom but it can still be scary because with friends and family there is a safety net.

All that. Plus. You’re an empath.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there are Empath Support Groups out there already or maybe you might be able to find a faculty member who will help you to start your own. If you want to add a listing, please contact us so that people who are looking for support on this website can find you.

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