EmSo I am going to start a blog, where you ask me any question you want.
I will answer your questions (which you can  post under this blog as comments) and then I will make a full blog answer!!

Many empaths have so many questions, and that’s why I’m starting this column, to start answering YOUR questions.

Ask Kris

One thought on “Ask Kris

  • August 17, 2015 at 12:36 am

    I wrote my post up above you can read it it is too long to re=do just read my post please and take it all in and you will know who i am please help too many emotions to handle i can feel people across town sometimes if they are talking about me. if it is directed towards me it is really bad. please help no one else will tell me what is going on. i feel like it is coming the horses are coming they have come, one horse is leftr to come it is getting ready to get down. i can feel it all it is too much sometimes. too much emotion and some people are out of there like they arent in therre bodies. i can feel that emptiness also. whats up with that????


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