Your questions answered March 2020 version

Recently, I asked people from our ESG group to ask some questions that I would then answer in a blog. After the first attempt where people wanted to know their future, who they were going to marry, how to talk to ghosts, I got more specific and ended up with some really good questions which I will now answer here.

    1. How would you best describe to someone that is not an empath how it feels to be an empath?
      I like sharing this video to at least start the conversation. 
      It really is tough to make someone who has not experienced to understand what we feel, on a daily basis, until we learn control. Deanna Troi from Star Trek is another good example but basically you just have to tell them, I can feel all the emotions around me, not just my own, and until I learn(ed) control, it really hurt and honestly was kinda freaky.
    2. What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone who recently realised that they were am empath? Welcome to one of the most rewarding, most scary, most exciting and most important gifts of the 21st century! Ground and shield. Ground and shield. Ground and shield. You got this.
    3. How do you accurately determine which are your emotions, versus those coming from others? In the beginning, this can be difficult. The most difficult thing in the world for anyone is to “know thyself”. Once you know yourself, there is never any doubt if you’re feeling your own emotion(s) or someone else’s… okay, rarely any doubt.  We are simply gifted souls having a human experience, after all. Be kind to yourself.
    4. How do I stop myself from crying when around negative people?
      First of all, do your best to avoid negative people. I’ve cut quite a few from my life and it’s been one of the healthiest decisions of my life. If you cannot escape them, grounding and shielding is always a  good option. Additionally, if you have the energy, Pollyanna them. Turn everything around and find the positivity in their negativity.
    5. My path has led me to help so many people, that over time, I’ve come to feel like a Wanderer yet still craving stability and security… does life come to a point where it lets us live for ourselves? Or is the greater good always going to be the first decision? Great question!! Always ALWAYS take care of yourself first, your family next and THEN, if you have the energy, then you help others.  We cannot properly help others if we are not in a good place ourselves and if we are worried about those near and dear to us, again, we really can’t be much help because our energies then are split between worry and helping. Please, take care of yourselves first, empaths!
    6. Why do I feel so lost? A longing to go home but not knowing where home is. Ah yes, empaths can often feel lost. I think many empaths are starseeds.
    7. How do you block in large crowds? If grounding and shielding don’t work for large crowds, I use crystals. Also, I like to envision myself with a forcefield (which currently is exactly 6ft around me). If you can, escape the crowd occasionally and go hug (or lean against) a tree. I find this very calming. Just step away, maybe once an hour. (This is why I used to be a smoker, I had the automatic excuse to escape and blame my addiction.)
    8. At times I feel like I’m absorbing peoples’ emotions then there are times those same people I feel nothing from them, am I somehow blocking them? Interesting. It could be a number of things. It could be the person has shields up or it could be that you have unconsciously created a shield to protect yourself. Learning to shield at will makes life a lot easier but there will still be people who you pick nothing up from. If they don’t give you a threatening vibe, assume that they are shielding themselves and are perhaps also an empath.
    9. How do I stop losing myself around others?  Great question. I’d start by discovering who you are first. Once you have yourself defined and understood, no matter how many people are around you and how much they are leaking, your sense of self never gets lost.
    10. Why am I so private, unwilling to share my stories of miraculous power coming from the universe to lift my spirits, every single time I am in need? Why am I so reluctant to talk about it?  Because the world is a scary place and we aren’t accepted yet. I used to blog under a pseudonym because I didn’t want people making fun of me. I have only been using my own name now for, oh about 5-10 years. People still look at me weird, but now I’m old enough that I don’t care. I believe that the people who can and are willing to learn from me will be present and those who are not ready will just pass on by until they are ready.



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