This is the first of a new series

1:24 Introduction to Danielle, Kay & Kris and Differences between chakra and qi gong systems
6:54 Breathing Exercises to Reduce Overwhelm
7:39 Danielle demonstrates “sensation, location” breath work as a way to immediately calm the emotional overwhelm and overactive thoughts.
9:45 Qi gong breath work demonstrate for calming yourself when you are out in the world and overwhelmed.
17:21 What can you do when you feeling overwhelmed emotionally by a loved one?
25:21 How to deal with triggered responses.
27:58 How to cultivate more joy versus gloom and doom.
35:47 The importance of not mirroring the exhausted or lower vibrations around you.
39:23 How to help your children who are empaths avoid overwhelm.
46:27 The importance of evoking our inner children as a way to self regulation.

Empath Overwhelm

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