The Empath Enchiridion

1. Be you

Generally, empaths experienced something traumatic or shame-inducing during their childhood. Even if they did not personally experience trauma, they felt it through someone else.

Any darkness you have ever experienced that you hold within yourself becomes the light you carry that guides others.

Don’t ever try to stuff away, ignore, or hide who you are or where you’ve been. It was not in vain and it holds great meaning in your life and in the life of others.

2. Grounding

Take moments throughout the day to ground. Grounding brings instant relief. Laying your forehead on a cool surface. Bare feet on grass, dirt or natural surface. Touching a plant, a tree trunk, or an animal.  The calm, soothing energy instantly runs through you and helps you center.

Grounding brings you back to the present moment within yourself and can be easily and inconspicuously practiced throughout the day.

3. Shielding

Shield whenever you think you are feeling emotions that are not your own. There are many ways to shield and there is no right or wrong way.Crystals, especially black tourmaline and hematite, can be worn or carried and used as a shield.

Visualizations (I like bubbles, waterfalls, snow globes – water is an empath’s best friend.)

Blessed protective garments can be physical shields.

4. Boundaries

With good boundaries, we feel our unique sense of self and our separation from others. This comes from being able to say “No.” With a sense of self and of our own worthiness, we can prioritize ourselves over the needs and wants of others. This is an alien concept for most empaths because we have very big hearts and generous natures—we really care!

Since we feel what others need and how much pain they are in, it’s very difficult to say no. It requires us to be very honest about when we feel a “yes” or a “no” in our lives. A great way to tell when you feel “no” is to watch for resentfulness. Resentment is the red flag that lets you know you are in a situation with an energy imbalance, where you are giving more to a situation than you are getting back.

5. Daily alone time

Find a quiet spot away from others, take deep breaths and just let your body and mind be still.

6. Clear your mind

An empath experiences so many emotions and feelings from others every day, it can make them feel overwhelmed and leave their minds racing.

Journaling allows you to release your thoughts. Start with “I’ve been feeling…” and just write. There is no test and you don’t need to spell check, just write and release. It sometimes helps to burn afterwards.

7. Call your energy back in

“I now release all of the energy that isn’t mine and lovingly give it to Mother Earth” ( or the deity of your choice. I consider Guan Yin (Tara) to be the Empath Goddess)

“I now call back all the necessary parts of me that got displaced today to come back into me. I fill the rest of me with the healing energy from Mother Earth.” (or the moon, or a deity or all of the above)

This cleanses your energy, ridding yourself of emotions that aren’t yours and replacing them with your own energies and emotions.


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