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We created the Empath Support Group to help people who are newly awakened or just realizing they are empaths.
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  1. Intuitive Empath

    November 9, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Hi Greg…do not despair. The removal response may have seemed a bit drastic but I think this is a time and place to seek only SELF awareness without attempting to mask your loneliness with someone else. I think you put the cart before the horse, and/or are here for the wrong reasons at this time. Keep looking in the mirror. Face that which you are afraid of and go THROUGH IT. That can only be done by each of us ALONE. Perhaps try again here later? Or srsly go find a quality dating site if that’s what you truly desire. There is no one right answer except your own. PEACE

  2. Thank you for the guidance and words of encouragement, much appreciated, Greg

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